Aujourd’hui, Causons Avec Nos Aieux: Intimate and Foreign

Aujourd’hui, Causons Avec Nos Aieux: Intimate and Foreign explores ones understanding of tradition  vis-à-vis modernity, as it continues to affect global communities. The piece focus on how cultural relativity influences worldview, and encourages a dialogue between foreign and domestic concepts. In the present global narrative, there are an abundance of contradictions, including but not limited to the inherent bias of perspective implicit to any version of history, which is inspired by how the spaces we occupy, coupled with the persistent call of history, guide our myriad interactions with people throughout our lives. This exhibition features a site-specific textile sculpture, which hangs from the ceiling in the front of the gallery. The artwork references traditional African hierarchical and societal structures, and explores how constructed imaginations of relatives lost, are the result of relentless rewriting of others’ histories, intended to reference the development of filial history, as it intertwines with particular regional histories.

Aujourd’hui Causons Avec Nos Aïeux: Intimate and Foreign (Art League Houston) | 2014 | Installation